Natalie Matthaeus was born in Hong Kong, raised in Switzerland, and educated in Japan and Arizona. After several years of experience in institutional and private banking following her MBA degree at Thunderbird Graduate School of International Management, she decided to embark on a quest to improve our global environmental circumstances, inspired as a youth by Carl Sagan´s book "Pale Blue Dot", based on the last image taken from the Voyager spacecraft of the Earth before leaving our solar system, reflecting the uniqueness of our exceptional planet. Keeping our habitat with all the abundance of resources in equilibrium is an increasing challenge we all have to be aware of. Being impressed early in life by the thorough and deep care and respect for nature rooted in Japanese and Swiss culture, as well as the breathtaking landscape of the Sonoran desert she got to experience during her time as a graduate student, she set out to pour her skills and knowledge into projects addressing climate resilience. Minimizing our carbon footprint and access to sustainable resources such as clean water and air have been ever since driving issues. Let´s all TOGETHER pass on a legacy of sustainability to coming generations!